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Sway Bar

G2 Axle and Gear 

DRS Swaybar

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DRS Swaybar
  • 07-Current Wrangler JK; 2 And 4 Door
  • Included G2 DRS POD Switch; Wiring Harness; Solenoid And Mounting Hardware
  • The DRS Body Is Fully Sealed For Maintenance Free Use And Is Built From 6061 Aluminum For Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • The DRS System Is Designed To Work w/Existing On Board Air Compressor Systems/Can Be Disengaged/Re-Engaged On The Fly
  • Multiple End Link Positions For Adjustability
  • Allows Full Suspension Travel While Off-Roading w/o Removing Sway Bar Linkage
  • Reduces Body Roll And Provides Stable Highway Driving Capabilities

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