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About Us

The about us page is perhaps the most embellished and over-hyped page on the internet. That is also because it may be the hardest to be honest on. So, I will just tell you about me and what what we do here. I grew up in a welding/mechanic shop. I learned to weld and fabricate at a young age. My first exposure to a diesel pickup was when my father bought a brand new 91 Dodge Cummins. The first time I let the clutch out and felt the torque a diesel engine had to offer, I completely forgot about the Camaros and Mustangs I had been fooling with up until then. It was all about diesel. This was long before there were aftermarket parts, diesel magazines, and more internet sites than you can count servicing the diesel industry. If you wanted a better running truck, you had to build it. Turbos, injectors, and other parts had to be adapted from industrial or semi trucks. You didn't pick up the phone and call anyone. And that's where my education came from. Sprinkle in a great father who instilled the importantance of being an honest business man and you have the makings of Little Power Shop.

Many people ask us about the name. Why Little Power Shop? Well, that's just how it started and the name stuck. Against my own better judgement and definitely against my saintly wife Pam's judgement, I bought a Superflow dyno when the opportunity presented itself. Not only was she not happy with me buying a dyno that cost nearly twice as much as her last car, but I piled the whole mess in her spot in our garage at home trying to figure out what the heck to do with.it. I finally decided to build a shop to put it in. It was a small 2,000 square foot building that my brother and I built. I had the idea it would be a great place for me to work on my many projects I had going at any one time and I could dyno vehicles on the side for extra cash. I had the idea that I wanted to start a full time performance business and had a sort of resentment for much of the performance industry. I think the exact quote that named the business came out during a conversation with my wife one night. It went like this: "I really hate the way everyone names their business 'Godzilla Performance' or 'Monster' this or that. I just want to have a humble little power shop." At my wife's urging the name stuck.

The business opened part time and I never really was able to work on my own projects. I was constantly flooded with customers. I needed a source for parts and found our first distributor. The rest is history. We have not stopped growing since. This company was built on the idea that as long as we are doing what we love and are making enough money to keep the lights on, the rest is secondary. We do not have to have competition vehicles in the spot light. We do not need to have triple digit profit margins like some aftermarket companies. Our philosophy from the beginning was to put the customer first. I know what it is like to wait on the part you need for the weekend and how much of your budget that purchase eats up. We are here to make the experience as simple and affordable as possible.